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What Are The Advantages To Running One's Own DNS Server?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to convert IP addresses into readable domains such as . Without DNS everyone would have to remember random strings of number to access different websites. Check Amazon EC2 Instance Comparison for pricing.

OWN DNS servers Benefits -

  1. Speed advantages
  2. Regulatory requirement.
  3. Full control over service.

DNS server installation service in India

About DNS server - Address (A) records and Mail Exchange (MX) records need to be kept up to date to ensure that access to your domain is maintained. Incorrect MX records will result in sporadic or failed delivery of emails to your business’s mail server, while incorrect A records will prevent access to your website.

What we do or Service includes ?

Installation of DNS server on Amazon EC2 / VPS includes:
Amazon EC2 / VPS instance update.
Install Open Source DNS Service
DNS configuration and linking domain
Creating ready to use primary and secondary DNS like and

DNS installation requirements.

EC2 / VPS root login : —————– (PPK file and IP address or login details.)
Domain name(website name): ———– (ex:

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