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This page is an obligatory part of the Terms of Service for Server Management Clients and all extended policies posted here should be agreed and accepted prior to signing up with our service.

For support tickets during normal business days, we offer and guarantee an initial response within 12 hours, and subsequent responses and resolutions within 24 hours, per ticket. However, our average response time is within 2 hour, and our average resolution time is within 3 hours. Depending on the complexity of the issue, if a ticket requires more time, we will inform you of this within the time-frame and update you throughout the process.

Tickets are reviewed in the order they are received, and answered consecutively.

Response and Resolution time count starts from the moment the ticket is opened in our Client Login (https://members.w3services.net) area.

When a new ticket is opened while another ticket is already opened and unresolved, the Response and Resolution time count for the new ticket starts from the moment that the previous ticket was resolved.

A "response" means that a technician has read the ticket, assigned it to the most appropriate technician to handle your specific problem, and responded stating that the ticket resolution process has started.

A "resolution" means that a technician has resolved the problem in the ticket.

You will see some tickets responded to and resolved within minutes, and others within hours. Nevertheless, we only offer and guarantee that an initial response will be received within 12 hours, and subsequent responses and resolutions will be received within 24 hours. Therefore, for example, whether you receive a response in 1 minute, and a resolution in 23 hours, it is still within our offered and guaranteed response and resolutions times. In certain instances, if you report a problem that is erratic or requires more time than our response/resolution time to debug, we will inform you of this within our response/resolution time.

Restoration and Migration requests

For Restoration and Migration requests, the Response and Resolution time guarantee covers our work only, and not the actual time of the data transferring since we have no control over how long it will take your server to transfer data. We will start the restoration or migration request within our Response and Resolution time guarantee. The time it takes for the restoration or migration request to be completed is beyond our control and solely dependent upon the amount of data that has to be copied, number of accounts, network connection speed between servers, server's speed, etc. (If you have a lot of accounts or data to be transferred, even though we will start it within our guaranteed response and resolution time, it can still take several days for your server to complete the data transfer). The status of migrations in progress are checked a minimum of once per day.

Non-support related issues

Sales, billing, or any other non-support related issues (including coding and scripting requests and issues) are not covered under our any response and resolution time guarantee.

Bumping tickets and scheduling time

Bumping tickets (replying to tickets already in open) pushes them to the bottom of the list, therefore causing delays.

To schedule tickets to be done at a specific time, time must be specified in our time zone, and we must be given 24 hours advance, and at least an 8 hour window of work time.


All SLA guarantees are suspended the day before, during, and after any and all holidays, and any periods where weather or any other uncontrollable occurrences of nature effect work flow, power, Internet, or staff accessibility.

Part of the proceeds is given to an organisation working in the area of an important social cause.

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