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Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a comprehensive set of infrastructure and application services – allowing you to run virtually everything in the cloud – from offsite data backups to full web applications – for improved flexibility, mobility, and cost-efficiency.

AWS is truly the complete package – enabling you to leverage the power of the cloud without complexity or high costs. What kind of benefits will you achieve through AWS? Here’s a few examples:

Simple to use: AWS allows you to quickly, easily, and securely host applications, whether it’s an existing application or a new application. Plus, there’s no need to manage complex hardware.

More flexibility: AWS gives you the opportunity to choose the operating system, web application platform, programming language, and whatever else you’d like – allowing you to lessen the learning curve.

Enhanced security: AWS has complete security – including physical, software, and operational security measures designed to keep your applications and data safe – and regular audits are conducted for added peace of mind.

Lower costs: AWS lets you pay only for what you use – from compute to storage to various other resources, there’s no long-term commitment, unnecessary costs, or up-front investment necessary.

Our AWS engineers and architects help you to migrate your existing applications (web portals / stuff) from the existing infrastructure to AWS Cloud. Along with, we also offer you migration of large sets of your existing data (database) to the new AWS environment in the fastest possible way.

Part of the proceeds is given to an organisation working in the area of an important social cause.

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