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Why we should replace PHP Contact Form with Google Forms on website?

With Google Forms, we can create a contact form exactly the way we want, without having to write a single line of code. Other than this there are many benefits which we are going to list here -

  • Easy to Automate
  • Collect data in sheet for future use
  • Zero error means 100% response collection
  • Save time, efficiency and convenience

Why should we prefer Google Forms?

Every web development platform provides a contact form. They are either not very configurable, or they don't provide as many options as we would like to have.

So why should we prefer Google Forms over the built-in contact forms?

Firstly, the traditional PHP Forms use POST or SMTP to send email notifications. So, no matter which protocol we choose, we need to know how to set up a working email server or buy SMTP service from provider.

We can also receive an email ( need some extra steps to follow to enable it ) from Google Forms.

Also, we don't have to mess around with the page source when we want to change something. We connect to Google Forms, and we edit the contact form from there.

Many big orgnizations using Google Forms very frequently and we too using very offen. Please check - click here

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