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Install OpenLiteSpeed web server on CentOS 7

LiteSpeed Web Server is perfect for marketing agencies, site designers, and other professionals who actively host websites for their clients. LiteSpeed hosting offers superior performance, decreased load times, and higher conversion rates.

LiteSpeed has the capacity to solve any major bottleneck in your existing web hosting solution.

The LiteSpeed is the replacement of the Apache. LiteSpeed hosting is one of the strongest technology nowadays. The LiteSpeed technology is specifically used for the high performance of the website and to boost your website speed.

OpenLiteSpeed is a free and open source web server which can replace httpd. The main features of OpenLiteSpeed is, It can manage thousands of simultaneous connections without any server load issue.

LiteSpeed Web Server Editions:

OpenLiteSpeed Edition

The OpenLiteSpeed edition is ideal for the high traffic websites. However, this edition does not work with any web hosting control panel. This edition is open source and can be used freely.

Standard Edition

The standard edition is ideal for the small and low traffic websites. It is compatible with web hosting control panels like cPanel, WHM and Direct Admin. This edition is free for personal and professional use.

Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition is commonly used for the large and high traffic websites and it works great with all the web hosting control panels. This edition is generally used by the web hosting companies to provide supreme web hosting experience to their customers. This edition ensures stability and performance.

LiteSpeed Features:

LiteSpeed is excellent when it comes to speed and stability. LiteSpeed is fast in comparison to Apache and it also servers the PHP content within a short span of time. Therefore, LiteSpeed is considered as an ideal web hosting solution for the websites using WordPress, Joomla and Drupal as it enhances the PHP performance. Here are some impressive LiteSpeed features:

Compatible With Apache

LiteSpeed is compatible with Apache and one can avail features like mod_rewrite, mod_security and .htaccess. Apache configuration files can be easily loaded by LiteSpeed and it can also operate as a replacement to Apache. LiteSpeed also works great with all the web hosting control panels.

Great Performance And Scalability

LiteSpeed improves the performance and scalability of the web hosting platforms as it is crafted to ensure excellence. LiteSpeed is capable of serving a large number of clients at a time along with ensuring minimum usage of server resources. LiteSpeed’s code is perfectly optimized for enhancing the PHP performance and for serving the static websites faster than Apache. LiteSpeed also has the capability of taking care of the sudden traffic spikes and it also helps in handling the DDOS attack without the need of any DDOS management hardware resources.


LiteSpeed works perfectly with Apache’s mod_security feature and also has the anti-DDOS feature. LiteSpeed consists of customizable features like request, per-IP connection, bandwidth throttling. The IPs through which there are too many connections or requests are blocked thereby stopping the attackers from ruining your server.


Hosting on a LiteSpeed server is an easy task and affordable as well. The licensing cost of LiteSpeed is lower as compared to any hardware upgrade needed for optimizing an Apache based server. LiteSpeed reduces the support costs through its excellent features ensuring a secure and stable hosting environment.

Web App Acceleration

LiteSpeed consists of standard compliant ESI cache engine; therefore, LiteSpeed has the capacity to implement the complex caching solutions with ease. This is a necessary feature for meeting the requirement of the highly dynamic web applications used by the webmasters today.

Efficient Hardware Utilization

In comparison to Apache or NGINX, the LiteSpeed server ensures 2x-10x faster page loading speed along with 95% lesser server load. This goes on to say that you can host a large number of clients on one hardware platform. LiteSpeed reduces the hardware footprint along with ensuring cost saving in CapEx and other associated recurring costs.

Simple Management

The best thing about LiteSpeed is that managing LiteSpeed is extremely simple. LiteSpeed can easily read your Apache config files and supports the .htaccess files. The integrated control panel plugins in LiteSpeed ensure easy configuration and deployment. You can switch between your Apache installation and LiteSpeed and manage your website content on LiteSpeed with just a few clicks. You can enable cache control for every account along with tag-based purging and automatic clean up.

Specific LiteSpeed Server Benefits For The Website Owners:

  • Reduce the page load times to half
  • Reduce the website response time significantly
  • Increase the number of concurrent website served
  • Deliver lightening fast web applications through LiteSpeed cache solutions
  • Enhance website security with in-built anti-DDOS features
  • LiteSpeed Cache For WP/Magento : Magento/WP Acceleration

Lets install OpenLiteSpeed on CentOS 7 -

Download the OpenLiteSpeed binary from the Download page.

Or, use the wget command to download it from the console, e.g.

wget https://openlitespeed.org/packages/openlitespeed-1.5.8.tgz

Binary installation can be done in just a few commands:

tar -zxvf openlitespeed-*.tgz cd openlitespeed ./install.sh

If the installation goes well, you will see:

[OK] The startup script has been successfully installed!

Now you can start the web server, like so:

/usr/local/lsws/bin/lswsctrl start

Check the status:

/usr/local/lsws/bin/lswsctrl status

You can now visit using server IP and you can see the default OpenLiteSpeed Web page

Ref link - https://openlitespeed.org/kb/install-from-binary/

If you are looking to use Openlitespeed for your any project like WordPress. You can use any Cloud Server/ VPS with OPENLitePanel.

OPENLitePanel is an almost free web server setup solution. Its included OpenLiteSpeed + Apache* + MariaDB + PHP + Perl + phpMyAdmin + ProFTPD. It is best for VPS owners, who are having little or less technical knowledge. Simple commands to add domains in virtual hosts, create MySQL databases, create FTP user for each website to manage web pages.

OPENLitePanel is a simple shell script which install required Core Components on server within 30 min and saves a lot of time and money. OPENLitePanel Script will let you automate things like performance tuning, data security and backup.

Visit - https://openlitepanel.com for more details.

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