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Managed Fast WordPress hosting keeps you a next generation solution for all your WordPress hosting problems. W3SERVICES provides you a fully managed - AWS server for WordPress hosting, which enhance high performance, perpetual security with a OpenLiteSpeed cache.

SPEED OBSESSIVE ARCHITECTURE Our technologies like OpenLiteSpeed, SSD servers with PHP 7, CloudFlare/CloudFront CDN can make the websites to load faster within a blink of an eye. It can also make the websites to be secure, reliable and stable. We work to improve the page performance, content performance and application performance for the WordPress sites.

SECURITY GUARANTEE Our clients are assured with security mechanisms to keep the websites more secure and free from various malicious attacks and threats. We employ the firewall with Brute Force Protection and other security measures to prevent the attackers from gaining access to your data. Your websites are under frequent monitoring and security audits of all internal environments and processes.

EXPERT SUPPORT Our support team is just one click away from you. We ensure you a peerless support team with expertise person who can help you with the real-time issues in your sites. We are focused to deliver super-fast quality service through our exclusive Super 90 sec customer support.

DAILY AND WEEKLY BACKUP Your data is safe at our hands. We provide you daily backup facility for your data which helps you prevent any kind of data loss with the unfortunate crashes.

FREE SITE MIGRATIONS We offers a free migration of data for the new signups. Our expert team takes care of everything to make your site live without any downtime and interruptions. We facilitate the migration of your website files, databases, emails and more from your old server to our new advanced servers.

FREE SSL WITH LETS ENCRYPT We offer you free SSL certificate for the domains with Let’s Encrypt. SSL enables your site to work securely with HTTPS. Make your domain to work with both HTTP and HTTPS and avoid all the duplications.

FULLY MANAGED WORDPRESS Our fully managed WordPress plan comes with a developer-friendly environment for automated backup and restoration, customizable PHP versions and more development-oriented features. We handle all the technical aspects of WordPress sites with our Fully Managed WordPress plan. We ensure for the beyond expected uptime and security for WordPress sites with our best SSD servers and custom setup using OpenLiteSpeed, and HTTP/2 with daily backups.

HIGH SECURITY NETWORK We assure you 100% security of your websites. We are providing the SSL and Let’s encrypt certificate system to protect your sites from the hands of hackers. Our Firewall hardware solutions are designed to automatically block the malicious traffic and provide you rapid response to emerging threats before they affect your hosted servers and data. The powerful firewall protects the underlying local networks and redundancy functions to ensure the highest availability.

LiteSpeed Web Server is perfect for marketing agencies, site designers, and other professionals who actively host websites for their clients. LiteSpeed hosting offers superior performance, decreased load times, and higher conversion rates.

LiteSpeed has the capacity to solve any major bottleneck in your existing web hosting solution.

The LiteSpeed is the replacement of the Apache. LiteSpeed hosting is one of the strongest technology nowadays. The LiteSpeed technology is specifically used for the high performance of the website and to boost your website speed.

OpenLiteSpeed is a free and open source web server which can replace httpd. The main features of OpenLiteSpeed is, It can manage thousands of simultaneous connections without any server load issue.

Specific OpenLiteSpeed Server Benefits For The Website Owners:

  • Reduce the page load times to half
  • Reduce the website response time significantly
  • Increase the number of concurrent website served
  • Deliver lightening fast web applications through LiteSpeed cache solutions
  • Enhance website security with in-built anti-DDOS features
  • LiteSpeed Cache For WP/Magento : Magento/WP Acceleration

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