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5 Why you should use a CDN for your website ? CDN for website Speed, availability and uninterrupted user experience have become critical to today’s online businesses. Enterprises need to rely on secure content delivery networks that have extremely high availability and significant fallback mechanisms.

  • CDN services enable you to speed up online customer applications, minimize transaction drops and keep up with your fast growing online customer base. You can easily deliver powerful business applications, rich media and dynamic transactions online with unmatched reliability. CDN is the most popular way to distribute traffic in order to run fast and reliable.

  • Some of the benefits that we have seen on our Website just by using CDN:
    Speed: While Using CDN the site go faster
    Load Traffics: CDN allows you to distribute loads traffics
    And it is clearly defines faster websites tend to rank higher in Search Engines Result Pages. Performance
  • Accelerate - Faster across the Internet
  • Anticipate - Intelligent Content Preparation
  • Simplify - One Website Design for Any Device
  • Compress - Smaller, Lighter & Faster
  • Deliver - Snappy End User Experience

  • Scale
    Offload - Simplify & Right-Size Infrastructure
    100% Availability - Always Online

    There are numerous of companies offers you these services but few of them gives you decent services. If you are looking for professional CDN we would suggest you to go for :
  • Incapsula
  • cloudflare