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Also called a modular data center or data center-in-a-box. A data center container is a method of deploying data centers that is designed to add data center capacity and to reduce an organization's cooling and power consumption costs. The container refers to a modular, portable self-contained environment that can be shipped and deployed. The container is portable, so it can be relocated or deployed in non-traditional data centers, such as urban spaces. A data center container is also faster to deploy than a traditional data center.

image Container Data Center : Simple , Efficient and Reliable.


An example of a container is HP's Performance Optimized Datacenters (PODs). It is a 40-foot shipping container with up to 22 racks of servers inside, pre-installed and ready to go. Container data centers have become popularized by vendors like Sun Microsystems and Rackable Systems and are considered to be a part of the modern data center.

Benefits -

Simple: Prefabricated and pre-tested; highly integrated, one container is an entire data center facility; easy on-site work, saving 80% deployment time

Efficient: High energy efficiency, PUE down to 1.5 (tested in Shenzhen); high efficiency O&M, saving 10% TCO at least

Reliable: High environment adaption helps businesses operate stably; IP55 external protection level and 9 degree anti-seismic intensity performance